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Samba The Brave: Our Kitty's Injection Site Sarcoma Story

cat goes through leg amputation after cancer

Samba The Brave: Our Kitty's Injection Site Sarcoma Story

Home with us for a full 24 hours!

August 11th, 2018 · 6 Comments · Uncategorized

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We are so thankful to have Samba home in one piece, albeit a smaller piece than before! She has been just the best patient ever and I am so proud of her. I love her more than ever, although it is heartbreaking to see her reduced to 3 pitiful legs and unsure how to use them. Her appetite is very good, and she is even able to get from her comfy bed to the litter box. At first she definitely flopped to the point of her chest hitting the ground with each step, but after just one day of practice, she is already improved to a hobble. She isn’t able to bury her litter box mess and seems a little puzzled about this, but hasn’t had any accidents. Mostly she sleeps and rests, and purrs for attention and scratches on her head. We have been spoiling her with delicious lickable meals and broths. We found the most perfect chewy cat treats which we squish like play-doh around her pills to help her take them. Currently her medicines are: Onsior daily (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory); Gabapentin every 8-12 hours (nerve pain); Buprenorphine every 8-12 hours (narcotic pain). I have moved a mattress into her room to sleep with her in there, and that rascal even woke me up in the middle of the night trying to rip open her bag of treats! My children check on her regularly and snuggle her, too. They had a day off from school today and watched a movie in there with her. We are trying to keep her company as much as possible.
I am thankful for so many things: that her pain is well-controlled, she still seems to love me (I was worried), she is eating, she is mobilizing, her surgery was a success and there are no complications so far, and we have more time with her and a hopeful cure.
I really couldn’t have done this without you all! Enjoy pictures of the brave new Samba!

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  • paws120

    Samba looks just wonderful! Ohh.. you found the Bisque!! Huck loves that, they all do actually lol. Do not feel pity, feel proud that your girl did well through the surgery and is rocking this!
    This will be her new norm and she will be just as happy as she was before the surgery, you wait and see!
    Don’t be surprised if somewhere around day 4ish she has a little crash, it takes about that long for hospital meds to wear off. It will be important to keep an eye on her and make sure the medications that you are giving her are sufficient. Please make sure she gets her pain meds faithfully on time so that she does not experience break through pain.
    You are doing a fantastic job, way to go!!

    Jackie and Huckleberry ❤

    • gebrown

      Thank you for making me feel better about my decision! Yes, proud is definitely the winning emotion here. I know she trusts me.
      Thanks for letting me know about the potential crash. That prompted me not to start spreading out her meds yet and to stay right with her. Your guidance is so kind and helpful!
      Love your friends,
      Grace and Samba

  • Purrkins

    Welcome, Home Samba,
    Your Vet is AWESOME she came home with best meds!

    So happy to read this sleeping is medicinal that is precisely what you want her doing healing! She knows good girl Samba! Eating and using the box yaaay! Waking Mom for food YES all great news! She will figure out covering up her business in the box. Purrkins two years later still tries to use that missing arm FYI so know that may happen. He doesn’t get far obviously and switches to his remaining front leg. It doesn’t hurt it was disturbing to watch at; first I am used to it now. He tries to use that arm to play sometimes too. You see the muscles moving.

    Of course, Samba loves you one of all of our concerns will my kitty hate me I took the arm off, NO we took cancer off! They are just happy to hop on and be out of pain! She won’t mourn that arm she will figure out how that new body works. Just wait and see!

    Awe Samba you look adorable in your onesie. Great job Grace PURRFECT!

    Raised food bowls are purrfect as well! You guys have this recovery in the bag those meds she is going to have a smooth recovery NO doubt. We look forward to your next update beaming on how Samba is hopping on and how amazed you are. You will be!!

    Scratches to Samba hugs to you!
    Holly & Purrkins

    • gebrown

      Every word of yours is cheering me on, Holly! They are resounding in my mind day and night. I am so glad you are both proud of us, and trust me, It is in large part because of you that we have a clue what to do!
      My husband thought we were over-medicating her and that she was sleeping too much, so it helped to hear from you that Samba will rest as much as she needs!
      Grace and Samba

  • jerry

    Oh Samba you make us want to dance and sing and leap for joy! How wonderful you made it and are on your way to recovery!!!! WHEEE!!!!!!

    I can already tell that your life on three legs is the stuff legends are made of. Keep it up pretty girl!

    And you, mom, well you are doing a GREAT job making sure that Samba is getting the best care. It really does make all the difference during recovery and beyond. Kudos to you too!

    We can’t wait for an update. Here’s to a great week ahead.

    • gebrown

      Dear Jerry,
      Your enthusiasm and optimism are heartily getting me through this! I could have been a basket-case, but you are helping me feel empowered to keep nursing Samba along, and to expect great things for her future!
      Thank you for loving us without even knowing us!
      Grace and Samba

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