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Samba The Brave: Our Kitty's Injection Site Sarcoma Story

cat goes through leg amputation after cancer

Samba The Brave: Our Kitty's Injection Site Sarcoma Story

We have a TriPawd!

August 7th, 2018 · 7 Comments · Uncategorized

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Samba has made it through her surgery!  The surgeon said he was able to get 2-3 centimeters of tissue, mostly muscle, around the original excision, and that everything went well.  The nurse said Samba is still VERY sleepy, and while she has her eyes open, does not want to lift her head up.  Seems expected to me, but their protocol is to continuously and aggressively pat or tap the recovering patient to the point of annoyance to help them shake off the anesthesia!  So, they really want her to start becoming a little more alert.  I will check in with them again before the primary team leaves at 5 p.m., then Samba will be cared for by the in-house emergency team.

Questions: what items should I make sure to have when she comes home?  I am thinking it will be Thursday.   I have:

  • Soft bed and blankets
  • Recovery room picked out, just need to section off the bed so she can’t get under it
  • Broth based cat food so she can get fluid and energy
  • Low wall litter box

I have heard about people modifying onesies for their babies after surgery in lieu of the e-collar.  I don’t have any yet but can get some.  What am I missing?!

I love you all for how much you have come by my side!

Here is Samba in her younger days!

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  • Purrkins

    Great surgery is over, and Samba is in recovery. It sounds like they got good margins considering this is her second surgery. Here is an article Jerry posted on ISS/VAS on margins and treatments. I beg to differ on 1 in 10000 cats, but that is just my opinion from being on the site.

    I used a baby onesie for Purrkins he didn’t mind it at all, and it did the job-protected the incision Purrkins could not lick or get to the incision. It sure beats a cone if Samba tolerates it. They likely will send you home with a cone.

    I got permission from our surgeon for the onesie & no cone.

    Here is what I did

    Samba will want a den-like area to hide in that is a cats instinct they are hurt and injured and want to hide. Purrkins chose to recover in the closet in the spare room we had set up for recovery. I gutted the room of furniture, and we put the mattress on the floor. I set up his bed in the closet. I slept on a sleeping pad halfway in and halfway out of the closet 🙂

    Here is The Tripawds Recovery Shopping List

    I will watch for your comments, questions, and updates.

    Healing wishes for Samba and Hugs to you and your sweet Ariel
    Holly & Purrkins ❤️❤️❤️

    • gebrown

      This is all sooo helpful! I was gushing about Purrkins’ little outfits and showing the pictures to everyone in my house! I went out and bought some baby onesies from a consignment store and will get to working on them. I am figuring out a food bowl configuration. Do you still elevate her food and water? If so, how high is the bottom of the food bowl? What an experience that must have been for you to sleep halfway in a closet! Purrkins sure did look cozy with his cushions and all.
      Thank you for everything!
      p.s. My first cat as a child was Purrly. Kind of like Purrkins!
      p.p.s. I agree about the incidence of ISS seeming off… my relative’s cat also had it : (

      • Purrkins

        Thanks on Purrkins he was such the purrfect patient;) I bet it was fun picking onesies out for Samba! Great job!

        Yes, we raised Purrkins food and water bowl for him in recovery with what I had on hand I used a crock upside down first then a little stool. I have kept them raised I bought some after recovery the measurements of his food and water bowls now are 5.25 high they are the purrfect height.

        Our After Care Instructions – note (The hospital iced the incision for three days while Purrkins was in ICU)

        The incision should be kept dry & free of debris until it is fully healed. You may put a t-shirt on him to prevent exposure and discourage licking. Please, Monitor Purrkins incision daily for any sign of infection which includes redness, increased temperature or any white or yellow discharge. If any of these signs are seen, please have him rechecked.

        Wound Care Instructions –
        Please apply a warm compress to Purrkins incision 2-3 times a day for the next 3-5 days or until seroma resolves.

        Heat a moistened clean washcloth in the microwave. Place in a sealed ziplock bag & apply to Purrkin incision for 10 minutes at a time.

        Purrkins loved his warm compresses.
        Article on heat and ice therapy
        We did not have any bruising.

        Jerry just published an article on pain management and cats purrfect timing for you;)
        Tripawd Cats Pain Management Tips and Tricks

        Purrly:) very cute! I know the numbers are higher we have far too many kitties inflicted things have to change.


  • Purrkins

    My comment might go to your spam again too many links sorry:)

  • kazann

    I think Holly has it all covered. Mona slept in a closet under a shelf on the floor. She was on a bath mat and I could just slide her out on the mat. The vet took Mona home to his house for the first night and told me she didn’t need a cone or anything. She did leave the incision alone and I’d put a cool, damp cloth on it to clean up any crusties. The vet sent her home with canned kitten food and she loved it.

    I’m happy to hear the margins are wide. I suppose they’ll know more after the pathology. Heal well beautiful Samba.

    Kerren, Eli and Mona

    • gebrown

      Sliding her out on the bath mat is a super idea! She got her sense of seclusion, and you were able to monitor her when needed. Clever! Wow, what a caring vet to take Mona home with him for a night! That’s good to know about the cool cloth. Did she tolerate that okay? I’m nervous to even touch the area at all when she gets home! Thank you for the wishes for healing!

      • kazann

        I think Mona loved it at the vet’s house. She stayed in their bathroom with a heated floor and had the company of two vets and two teenagers. She loves being fussed over and really like the cool, damp cloth. I think the coolness helps because she would even lie on the incision side on a cool tile floor. Also ice wrapped in a towel helps any inflammation. Don’t be surprised if there’s some bruising. Cheers!

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