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Samba The Brave: Our Kitty's Injection Site Sarcoma Story

cat goes through leg amputation after cancer

Samba The Brave: Our Kitty's Injection Site Sarcoma Story

Gabapentin dose question

August 7th, 2018 · 5 Comments · Uncategorized

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Well, I knew I would forget something. I had read that some of you gave your pet gabapentin before their surgery to help reduce future pain. Does anybody know the dosing regimen for this? Or the number of milligrams per kilogram? I am wondering if I should take her to an emergency vet tonight so that she can get a dose in before her surgery.  The other option is for me to prescribe it, because I am a physician. Thank you!

Edited 11:27 p.m.: I ended up going to the emergency vet and they were able to administer 50mg of compounded gabapentin and also send me home with a 5 day supply.  Of course, I will consult with our surgeon before giving her any further doses.  I am so glad I went there for help, because if I would have tried to prescribe as a human med, it would not have been available in in the proper dose!

Once we got home, Samba had a snack of crunchy food (wet food is her usual diet, but she loves the crunchy food best!), l0unged  by the piano for a quick photo shoot, and then went to rest in the garage where it is nice and warm.  Tomorrow is good-bye leg day!

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  • Purrkins

    I’m sorry we missed your post if you have a situation where you need help ASAP post in the forums someone will see your quicker.

    I did subscribe to RSS feed, but I didn’t see it until this a.m. Great job on the Gabapentin we did not start Purrkins on it before surgery and wish we had we did not know to begin before surgery until after the fact. GREAT JOB!

    Geez, your day was crazy anyway I hope you got some rest! Please do tonight I did not ask if Samba was staying overnight or coming home?

    Purrkins dose after surgery was 100 mg capsule every 8 hours and Buprenorphine 0.3 mg every 8-12 hours.

    Is this your daughter? So cute and you had a little celebration to say goodbye to cancer & the leg. At first glance, I thought Samba had her surgery, and I had to look twice. Her surgery to remove the mass must not have been that long ago she still has her staples in. UGH. I’m so sorry you’re both still dealing with this! Today it leaves. You are both in our thoughts and prayers today. She is a little kitty which will work in her favor.

    You have rugs down already that will also help Samba on this new journey traction made all the difference for Purrkins.

    Great job you edited too whoo hoo!
    HUGS Doc! 😉

    Holly & Purrkins❤️❤️❤️

    • gebrown

      Hi, Holly! Thanks for your input on getting faster feedback. I will need to learn the most direct way to get a message out on forums for future questions I may have. I actually tried the TriPawds hotline, and a kind lady named Sally called me back this morning with words of encouragement. Like you, she encouraged me to get rest, and to not be dismayed if Samba doesn’t get past the flopping stage for awhile. She reminded me that it is most important to focus on fluid intake in the first few days post-op.
      Yes, my day was so crazy yesterday! I figured, why not stay up an extra hour at the emergency vet just to top it off. Thankfully, there was no wait. My dear daughter, Ariel, the one in the picture, actually came with me. It was far too late for her to be up, but she was crying to come along because she hadn’t seen me all day due to being at my surgery consult. I was thankful for her company! She totally understands that Samba’s leg has to go, but that one day in heaven she will be whole again!
      The photo attached to the blog post does come off a little tricky! It is hard to see Samba’s right front leg at all, which is the healthy one, and the left front leg does still have staples from her original excision. The doctors said it was best to leave them in until her amputation so they would have a clear marker of exactly where the tumor had been located. It made sense, although I felt bad she had to keep them in for 3 weeks.
      Thanks for reinforcing the idea of rugs and carpets. Samba should be able to get most of the way across the house on carpeted flooring, with maybe only a couple little jogs of bare floor in between.
      Thank you for the hugs and all your support! It means so much! Love to Purrkins! Wish we could meet her!

  • Purrkins

    I forget to add the duration. Purrkins was on Gaba 14 days and Bupr 12 days when he came home from the hospital and then to acupuncture to get off his meds with no pain and help him heal.

    • gebrown

      That is a good reference point to know how long Purrkins needed her meds. Thanks. Also, the dosages you gave were helpful. Do you know about how much Purrkins weighs? I wonder if Samba should be on the 100mg of gabapentin instead of 50mg? Samba weighs a little over 8 pounds.

  • Purrkins

    Great you called the helpline that is what it is for. Oh yes, we Love Sally she is excellent and has encouraged every one of us.

    Yes, you have to get some rest when you can and when Samba comes home rest when she does ok? We have been thru this, and you will run on E it is just like bringing a newborn baby home again you will do great I have no doubt!

    Purrkins did do a lot of faceplanting the first day came home that was the worst part for me. But after a few hours home things got way better, I assisted Purrkins and that helped him figure out his balance and Samba will figure hers out too. She may faceplant and she may not I hope she doesn’t but expect it she will have a relearning process.

    Samba eats wet food regularly that is great I would skip the kibble in recovery if you can! I would only pull that out if she didn’t eat. I would shoot for all wet food that way she is getting her fluids from her food. Less worry about getting her to drink if she is eating wet food.

    Ariel dear soul I am sure she wanted to be with her Mom it helped you both I’m glad it all worked out for you all. Kids are so smart yep leg has to go, and I also believe they are restored back to 4 when it is their time. That’s not any time soon.

    Purrkins was a bigger kitty when he had his surgery but 50-100 mg is standard dose & up to 150 mg for large cats, and it would depend on what other meds she will be on too. If only GABA I would want a bigger dose but see what they plan on sending her home with and what the plan is.

    Big hugs we totally understand Grace we have been in your shoes. You can always email me too if you want, My email address will show in your comments section in your blog one will be Purrkins blog address and one will be my email address ending in You are never alone we will watch for updates and don’t hesitate to ask questions or email me ok that is what we are here for to help you both get thru this. You can always post in the forums, Purrkins blog as well whatever makes you feel comfortable.

    BIG Hugs!!
    Holly & Purrkins❤️

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